Trade Secrets of the Wedding Photographer

Trade Secrets of the Wedding Photographer

Photo: © Andy Samaniego

It takes a lot more than just a good camera and bravado to become a professional wedding photographer. One can pull it off once or twice, but making a habit of delivering quality, distinctive style, successful treatments, and client satisfaction is what defines the professional.

Through lectures, work samples, actual exercises, Andy Samaniego takes participants inside the inner workings of professional wedding photography. He bares the "trade secrets" for establishing a reputation, making one's work stand out, attracting clients, and ensuring longevity in a highly competitive industry.

What will be covered

  • Defining the professional wedding photographer
  • What a client looks for in a wedding photographer
  • The products and services offered by a wedding photographer
  • Four contemporary styles of covering a wedding from traditional to editorial
  • Photographer's shot list and client expectations
  • The obligations of a professional wedding photographer
  • The tools of the trade
  • Beyond the literal shot: the treatment makes the difference

Who should attend

  • New and practicing wedding photographers who want to refine their craft and establish a professional foundation
  • Wedding and portrait photographers looking for professional ways to present their products and present to clients
  • Studio owners who want to expand their range of services
  • Amateur photographers who want to add to their skill set


The participant must have attended the PCCI basic photography workshop or equivalent. Preferably but not compulsory, the participant should have attended a workshop on studio or outdoor portrait photography.

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