Wedding Photography: Prenup & Wedding Day Photography + Album Design Making

Wedding Photography

Photo: © Richel Mascariñas

The best-laid plans of brides and men unravel on W-Day, with no margin for error. Are you ready?

Prenuptial: Prenuptial shoot is now very much a part of any wedding package. Learning new techniques and style will give the photographer a big advantage in booking an event. Coming prepared for a shoot differs a professional from an amateur.

Wedding Day Photography: A wedding photographer is only as good as his last booking. Meaning to say a booking either makes or breaks him. The professional wedding photographer must make a habit of delivering quality and distinctive style every time, all the time.

How does one stand out in this highly competitive field? Attract clients? Develop and market his own style? Deal with cutthroat competition?

For such an often-held, well-organized, synchronized event, a wedding can spin out of control in the hands of the unprepared photographer. The two nice people you made arrangements with suddenly balloon to a hundred uncooperative sponsors and family members. This workshop, handled by veterans wedding photographers Richel Mascariñas and Andy Samaniego, guides you with lectures and a simulated re-enactment of several key sequences including the dressing of the bride, the ceremony, and bridal portrait.

Wedding Album: This topic aims to establish an efficient workflow and high standard in the design process of wedding album production using appropriate layout efficient applications.

You'll also identify possible problem areas and how to deal with them, how to set up a seamless workflow, right up to preparing and delivering the finished album.

What will be covered

  • Prenup Photography
    • New ideas in prenuptial pictorials (studio & outdoors)
    • Green screen photography
    • Final products that can be delivered (prenup albums, guestbook, AVP, save the date photos, etc.)
    • Shoot with models
    • On-location reenactment with models, makeup artists, and actual gowns
  • Wedding Day Photography
    • What makes a wedding photographer professional
    • The obligations of a professional wedding photographer
    • Basic and recommended equipment
    • The importance of long and wide lenses
    • What a client looks for in a wedding photographer
    • The products and services offered by a wedding photographer
    • Contemporary styles of covering a wedding from traditional to editorial
    • Different traditions among different religious sects
    • Non-Catholic weddings
    • Church regulations and policies
    • Planning for and covering the ceremony and reception
    • On-location reenactment with models, makeup artists, and actual gowns
    • Production and post-production workflow, including backing up, weeding out, cleaning up
    • Photographer’s shot list vs client expectations. Building a shot list.
    • Creative lighting on the go using camera strobes
    • Shooting with and without flash
    • Capturing emotion and timeliness with the photojournalistic approach to coverage and album design
    • Location and studio bridal portrait
    • Shooting the wedding entourage
    • Pricing and marketing your services
  • Wedding Album Design (lecture-demo session)
    • Producing the album and enlargements
    • Imaging software
    • Client concerns and preferences
    • Design process (image enhancing, page illustration, printing and binding)
    • Wedding photography workflow (capture-sort-edit-layout-print-deliver)
    • Image-selection process
    • Principles in layout design
    • Editing techniques, different types of plug-ins and actions
    • Final products that can be delivered (wedding albums, prenup albums, guestbook, AVP, save the date photos, etc.)

Who should attend

  • Photographers in the process of setting up a wedding photography studio
  • Studio owners who want to expand their range of services
  • Existing wedding photographers who want to improve their product and services
  • Film photographers who are adopting a digital workflow
  • Photographers who assist at weddings
  • Amateur photographers who want to train for any event photography
  • Wedding and portrait photographers looking for professional ways to present their products and present to clients

What to Bring

  • DSLR or Mirrorless Interchangeable Camera
  • Flash (remote trigger/receiver/light stand if you have)
  • Wide to tele zoom lens (kit lens will do with focal length range -16 to 120mm)


  • Completion of the PCCI Basic Photography workshop or equivalent experience with basic photography and lighting principles


Richel Mascariñas has been a wedding photographer long enough to have seen its ups and downs as the industry swelled with more business, higher pricing levels, and more new photographers every week, and then became vicious with photographers resorting to cutthroat pricing and cutting corners. Knowing the business well enough has also taught him that the best response to underpricing and product compromises is better and more flexible packages. This workshop is a rare opportunity to learn from a real pro.

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