The Ins & Outs of Wedding Photography

The Ins & Outs of Wedding Photography

Great photographs alone are no guarantee of success; Patrick Uy shows you the ins and outs of wedding photography in the real world.

More than half the new wedding photographers entering business each year either fail or never make it big. That's because they don't see the big picture: the days when a photographer simply shows up on W-Day are gone. Patrick Uy almost single-handedly raised the stakes in local wedding photography, and in this one-day seminar he shares the secrets that made his name a by-word among photographers and bridal couples. You provide the talent and the desire to succeed, Patrick will provide the insider's guide, discussing equipment required, possible problems with clients and suppliers, handling meetings and contracts, pricing, sourcing and delivering albums and frames.

What will be covered

  • Equipment, staffing, code of conduct
  • Shot list
  • Pre-event meetings
  • Pricing
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Contracts
  • Digital workflow
  • Photo albums
  • Compositions and treatments
  • Anticipating problems
  • Site investigation
  • Dealing with wedding coordinators, suppliers, other crew

Who should attend

The detailed overview will benefit photographers

  • planning a career in wedding photography
  • making the switch from another field
  • intending to streamline an existing wedding photography business

as well as their business partners.


To gain the most from the discussions and presentations on photography, you should have completed PCCI's Basic Photography workshop or have good understanding of and experience with basic principles.


Patrick Uy turned the local wedding photography industry around when he applied the stringent standards, production scheduling, and attitude to work that he learned and practiced as an advertising photographer. Here he shares the secrets that made him the wedding photographer for the families of Lucio Tan, George Ty, John Gokongwei, President Estrada, and President Arroyo.

Comments from participants

As I liked about most of the subjects here in PCCI, the discussion are not by the book but based on the Speaker's experiences.

– Kerry Clemente

I've learned a lot about wedding photography, marketing, rates, equipment.

– Ace Atienza

I liked the stories that Patrick Uy imparted to us about his exploits in his wedding coverages.

– John De Castro II (Summit Media Publishing)

Very friendly and sure learned a lot.

– Arianne Sison

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