The Art of Nude Photography

An Intensive Hands-on Workshop

The Art of Nude Photography

The naked human figure is a rich resource of creative ideas and is a well-spring of myriad artistic expressions. It is an accepted art form both in painting and photography.

Assuming that the student is already familiar with studio lighting principles and equipment, the instructor guides students in how to light and pose nude subjects that best brings out form, texture, and appreciation for the human body.

There will be a short discusson on hair and makeup, styling, background and setting, props, and posing.

Participants will have the opportunity to work with the model and lights and create a portfolio of artistic nudes.

What will be covered

  • Basic photographic principles of photographing male and female nude body
  • Elements of beauty in nude photographs
  • Mathematical formula/rule of capturing & creating photographic beauty
  • Hair & makeup styling for a nude portrait session
  • The different approaches to photographing male and female naked bodies
  • Studio lighting techniques for nude photography
  • Natural lighting techniques for nude portraiture on location
  • Nude photography secrets of the professional photographers

Who should attend

  • Photographers and photographer's assistants involved in shooting editorial nudes and glamour photography.
  • Editors and writers for magazines specializing in the female form.
  • Amateur photographers who want to expand their knowledge of portrait and
  • Painters, illustrators, and sculptors who are using photography as an aid in people photography to include this specialized art form. creating their works with nude models.


  • Participants should have completed PCCI's Basic Photography workshop or have equivalent experience.
  • You must be 18 years or older to attend this workshop.

Presentation method

Class time is divided between instructor-led presentations, hands-on practice (most of the time), and instructor-led critiques of the photos taken in class.

What to bring

Participants should bring their own digital SLR camera.

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