Street Photography

Street Photography

Photo: © Rommel Bundalian

How to pack powerful emotion and meaning into photos of ordinary people living ordinary lives

Wedding, news, advocacy, or corporate photography requires more than just split-second reflexes. One must be able to recognize that single instant when the characters and elements in an unstructured, impromptu scene merge into a significant image. This is the reason some news photographs and street photographs of ordinary life remain etched in memory. They pack powerful meaning into a single photo, and also invite the viewer to read his own experiences in the photo. Award-winning digital artist, both here and abroad, and one of the most talented photographers, Rommel Bundalian will show you how to take photographs that editors love, even if they are just photos of ordinary life and ordinary people.

What will be covered

  • what street/life photography is and isn’t
  • identifying the right place and right time in any scene or event
  • recognizing the story element in a scene, and the single significant moment
  • avoiding cliche photos
  • dealing with people in a scene
  • staying out of sight at close quarters
  • thinking like an editor
  • the staple equipment of the street/life photographer

Who will benefit

  • current and would-be wedding photographers, news photographers, and advocacy photographers
  • industrial and corporate photographers
  • journalists and public relations practitioners
  • documentary photographers and videographers


  • Completion of the PCCI basic photography workshop or equivalent
  • Working knowledge of basic camera functions, parts, and accessories.

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