Photo: © Edwin Tuyay

This course is for anyone who shoots life’s events and event participants in all forms, not just news and magazine photographers. It’s for every communicator who needs to tell a story—factually and persuasively.

That includes publicists, newsletter staff, bloggers, PR and advertising people, writers, students—anyone who has something communicate, using images and words.

What will be covered

  • Creating images that tell stories for newspapers, magazines, books, newsletters, and the Internet
  • Analyzing content against aesthetics and usefulness in relation to news reporting
  • Recognizing the elements that make a good photo
  • Writing intelligent captions
  • Recognizing the elements that make a good photo
  • What editors and photo editors look for—and hate
  • Stringers, freelancers, staff

Who will benefit

  • Amateur and professional photographers who want to venture into news and magazine photography
  • Wedding photographers
  • People who record and communicate events and event participants
  • People who need to capture and tell a story logically and effectively
  • Media practitioners, publicists, PR and advertising people
  • Newsletter photographers and writers
  • Editors
  • Bloggers


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