Photography for the Young at Art

Photography for the Young at Art

Photo: © Dail Deri

Why waste all that excess energy on TV, computer games, and movies? Your child can be more creative with photography!

Don't let summer vacation go to waste! Let your kids pick up a new skill they can use in their schoolwork and that can sharpen their creativity. Our new basic photography workshop for kids shows them how to make the most of a simple point-and-shoot camera, using exercises and examples that makes learning fun and fruitful. Ideal for ages 9 to 15.

Potential benefits to your child

  • Channels your child's excess energy into more productive activities.
  • Teaches them a pro-active recreation in place of passive ones like computer games and television.
  • Makes them more outgoing, sociable.
  • Equips them with a skill that will be useful throughout their lives.
  • Improves imagination and analytical thinking.
  • Teaches them good, clean, fun!

What will be covered

  • Getting familiar with the camera
  • Using the preset, auto settings creatively
  • Working with focus, sharpness, exposure, action, closeups, distant subjects
  • Shooting people, activities, travel, nature, home, and school
  • Understanding proper composition
  • Using the built-in flash correctly and incorrectly
  • Uploading photographs to a computer
  • Discussion of participants' outtakes
  • Includes photography "field trip" to nearby location

Who can attend

Children between the ages of 9 and 15, who are able to understand simple instructions and explanations.

What to bring

Each child brings his or her own camera, preferably a point-and-shoot with user-selectable functions. (The simplest point-and-shoot without optional settings will not let the participant appreciate the lessons and examples.) No previous experience or classes in photography necessary.

Comments from participants

I got to learn how to use a camera the right way.

– Brandon Lim, 15

The course is presented properly by the instructor and the lessons.

– Joshua Pascual, 13

… we learned a lot

– Gabrielle Camus, 10

It was fun and I could really learn a lot of things.

– Chance Lee, 11

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