Landscape Photography Workshop by Jijo De Guzman

Landscape Photography

Photo: © Jijo de Guzman

Our world is filled with infinite beauty and wonder. Being able to shoot and capture landscapes and sceneries at their most beautiful will always be very rewarding in many ways. This workshop intends to teach participants all the essential knowledge, skills, and techniques needed to effectively photograph landscapes and sceneries. It will be presented through a combination of lecture/discussion and actual shooting and then the outputs of the participants will also be subjected to constructive critiquing.

What will be covered

  • Guiding principles, practice and progression, and success in Landscape Photography
  • Understanding and working with light
  • Seeing creatively beyond the obvious
  • Visual Design
  • Shooting with a Vision and a Voice
  • Understanding and working with your camera gear and accessories
  • Actual shooting (3 sessions, weather-permiting)
  • Output review and constructive critiquing

Who should attend

This workshop is highly recommended to photographers who want to learn how to effectively take beautiful photos of landscapes and sceneries.


Participants must either

It is recommended that the participants of this workshop must either have attended the PCCI Basic Photography Workshop or have attended an equivalent workshop. A sound and comprehensive foundation in Basic Photography is needed to maximize the learning.

What to bring

  • A DSLR or Mirrorless Camera Body and it’s Owner’s/Operating Manual
  • A lens with an equivalent range of anywhere from 16 to 28mm. Telephotos are not required but bring them if you have one.
  • Filters in a proper case or bag (Minimum requirements: Neutral Density 8 (ND8) and Graduated Neutral Density 0.9 Soft (GND 0.9 Soft) or equivalents.) If you have more filters, please bring them. A Filter Holder Set is highly recommended but not required.
  • A sturdy Tripod with a Ball Head
  • An Intervalometer
  • An All-Weather Bag (Shoulder or Duffle Bags are highly recommended but not required)
  • A positive disposition, patience, and desire to learn.

Note: Depending on the stock availability of PCCI Partner Suppliers; Filters, Tripods, Intervalometers and Bags may be made available for sale during the workshop. A limited number of demo units of all the gear and accessories may also be made available for the students to borrow. Please mention your gear inquiries and/or reservations upon registration in PCCI.

What to Wear

The actual shooting sessions of this workshop will be subject to weather and environmental conditions. We suggest that participants wear clothing and apparel that are normally worn for outdoor adventure activities like caps or hats and long-sleeve shirts if you’re sensitive to the sun, shorts or pants, and non-slip rubber shoes or hiking shoes. Raincoats, Umbrellas, and Small Towels may be needed in case it rains. Insect Repellants are a MUST.

Disclaimer: The actual shooting sessions of this workshop will be highly dependent on weather and environmental conditions. PCCI reserves the right to cancel a shooting session for the safety of everyone if it deems necessary. Make up sessions may be offered on a case to case basis with terms and conditions.

About the instructor

Jijo De Guzman is a professional photographer and photography Instructor focusing on Sports and Action, Travel, and Landscape Photography. He is a proponent of “On-the-Spot” Photography and is a very active contest photographer as well. He is a Canon Philippines Brand Ambassador and Crusader of Light and is recognized and respected as a 60-time awardee and 3-time Master Photographer of the Year of the Camera Club of the Philippines. Founded in 1928, the Camera Club of the Philippines is the oldest, largest and most prestigious photography society in Asia. He is known for producing engaging photos that communicate and stimulate.

As a Travel and Landscape Photographer, Jijo has visited and shot in over 10 countries and has mounted numerous exhibits here in the Philippines and abroad. In the Philippines, he has traveled to and shot in 16 out of the 18 regions of the country.

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