Inner Vision 2 (Master Class)

Inner Vision 2 (Master Class)

Photo: © Tilak Hettige

In his first class, Tilak Hettige allowed students to strip away the common roadblocks to creativity, among them, a preoccupation with equipment and technical processes, literal conformity with so-called "rules" of composition, and the temptation to clone the approaches and styles of other photographers.

In this, the Master Class, he takes graduates of the first class to the next level, in which students explore the innermost depths of their creative vision and develop an artistic style of their own. As always, in Tilak's class, there are no rules, only infinite pathways. The Inner Vision Master Class will guide you to see these infinite creative options and, best of all, to know which path to choose.


Participants should have completed Inner Vision 1.

Schedule and Venue

Day 1 (Friday)

6:00 PM–8:00 PM: Lecture and first assignment

Day 2 (Saturday)

6:30 AM–5:00 PM: Location shoot and lectures

Day 3 (Sunday)

8:00 AM–11:30 AM: Instructor supervised shooting of the final assignment

(Final class date to be determined) 8:00 AM–5:00 PM: Preparation of group project 5:30 PM–8:00 PM: Graduation

Note: This is a special class. Our regular discount options (e.g., for alumni and groups) do not apply.

Comments from participants

I love the exercises. It is an eye opener. It forced me to look at things in a different way.

– Jane Lopez (Antipolo)

Very useful class - I have become more inspired to be creative and “see” the world differently. Tilak’s enthusiasm is infectious- he is generous and eager to share his talent with us.

– Tanya Schmalfuss (Makati)

I am very lucky I was able to attend your workshop. I learned a lot from it - putting a story together, not just shooting for the sake of taking pictures. I also appreciate your dedication and hard work in doing the workshop. Job well done! Thank you!

Looking forward to attending more of your shoots.

– Rovi Herrera (Quezon)

I learned how to work more with light and how light give a perfect image when done right. I am thankful I joined this workshop. I have now a different perspective on photography.

– Esther Molendres (Manila)

I enjoyed the atmosphere of the class. I learned how to find the majestic in the ordinary and mundane things. I learned to exercise my eyes to see things, and photograph them in many different ways. Tilak is a walking photographic inspiration. He is truly passionate about photography and it is truly refreshing to see his passion for his craft.

– Kathrina Marfori (Manila)

Tilak really shows his passion for his craft; thus, one cannot help but be affected. The way he handled his sessions is unique and inspiring as he tries to "squeeze" our creative juices.

The course is fun and we have readily develop camaraderie.

– Gina Alcera (Pasay)

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