Glamour Photography

The Female Nude as Fantasy & Fashion

Glamour Photography

No other field of photography combines an application of portrait techniques with an appreciation for the unclothed body than glamour photography.

While art nude photography reduces the body to an object of sensual lines and forms, glamour photography does not divorce the person from beauty. It is a celebration of the beauty in nature as manifested in the human body. There is sensuality, but not lust; the female body is perceived as fashion in its purest form, unhampered by external accessories, and a fantasy of nature's perfection. Renowned portraitist Ibarra Deri demonstrates the care and professionalism involved in glamour photography, from proper lighting and posing to treating models with respect, recalling the techniques of classical painters and sculptors.

Who should attend

  • Photographers who plan to specialize in editorial nudes.
  • Photographers and photographer's assistants involved in shooting editorial nudes and glamour photography.
  • Editors and writers for magazines specializing in the female form.
  • Amateur photographers who want to expand their knowledge of portrait and people photography to include this specialized art form.
  • Painters, illustrators, and sculptors who are using photography as an aid in creating their works with nude models.

What will be covered

  • General principles of lighting and portraiture necessary to understand what follows
  • Equipment requirements and recommendations from lenses, lights, to filters
  • Modifying light quality, direction, and intensity for the specific requirements of glamour photography
  • Working with reflectors, gobos, and other light modifiers
  • Posing the model, including professional decorum on the set
  • Adding and subtracting body accessories/props
  • Working with and without a backdrop
  • Identifying and solving potential problems


  • You must be 18 years or older to attend this workshop.
  • Completion of the PCCI basic photography workshop or equivalent working knowledge of basic photography.
  • Completion of creative studio lighting workshop or familiarity with studio lighting very much preferred but not required.


Ibarra Deri pushes the envelope in portrait photography in this exciting exploration of beauty as nature made it. Widely known as a portraitist who has photographed celebrities and beauty queens, Deri's no-nonsense, non-technical approach to photography and lighting keeps the mind focused on the job at hand rather than grapple with numbers and technicalities.

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