Strobist Photography: Creative Techniques with Portable Flash

Strobist Photography: Creative Techniques with Portable Flash

If you are already familiar with shutter speed, aperture, and ISO, then you have the fundamentals to dramatically improve the quality of your flash photos.

Itching to shoot better portraits? Better still life and product shots? But can't afford studio flash? Well, itch no more--we'll show you how to produce professional studio photos with affordable, portable, camera flash. Even the pros resort to camera flash in the field or indoors, some all the time and not just occasionally.

How do you control the intensity? Create soft shadows that don't scream "flash photography?" Balance the flash with available light? Or eliminate available light altogether?

The class will be handled by renowned wedding photographer Richel Mascariñas, who encounters "portable flash" situations all the time when shooting brides and bridal accessories. He'll shares the key concepts and techniques behind effective and creative lighting with flash. He will start with simple techniques that improve the results from a camera's built-in flash. He then focuses on fill flash techniques and on using flash as the key light.

What will be covered

  • Explanation of the principle behind the flash photography
  • The advantages of external flash vs. built-in flash
  • Balancing act of ambient and flash
  • Flash ranges and modes
  • How to use the rear or second curtain
  • How to use high sync for sports photography
  • How to use the macro ring flash for flash photography
  • How to use flash modifiers with the flash
  • How to use fill-in flash for various kinds of subject, e.g., shooting people against dramatic sunset
  • Adding a second flash
  • Purchasing a flash

Who should attend

  • Wedding and portrait photographers
  • Photojournalists
  • Product photographers
  • Hobbyists
  • Graphic artists who are also called upon to shoot "without a studio"
  • PR agents who often need a photo on the spot


Basic knowlege in photography.

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