Digital Camera Fundamentals

Digital Camera Fundamentals

Learn the technical considerations in beginning digital photography

If you're getting into digital photography, understanding the digital features of your camera is absolutely essential. This comprehensive one-day seminar explains in simple terms the basic settings you have to choose in your camera before you even touch your exposure controls (ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed). The wrong choice can lead to disastrous result. For example, what resolution should you choose; what quality option should you save your jpeg file; what color space should you use for your jpeg file; should you choose camera raw or jpeg; and many more decisions. Your choice can limit your print size or affect the quality of the image reproduction.

This seminar is also a good starting point for those who have not made a choice as to what digital camera to buy. There is no substitute for being an informed buyer!

What will be covered

  • Advantages of Digital Photography
  • Kinds of Digital Cameras (Digicam)
  • The Process of Digital Photography
  • How Does a Digital Camera Work
  • What Affects The Quality of a Digital Photograph
  • Anatomy (Software) of a digicam: Structure of a digital photograph; factors that affect the quality of a digital photography—Resolution, Aspect ratio, Color space & Color Management, White balance and Noise—camera raw vs. JPEG, Picture Style and Histogram
  • Anatomy (Hardware) of a digicam
    • Kinds of sensor
    • Sensor sizes and Lens’ Focal Length
    • Sensor sensitivity and noise
    • Problems with dust
    • Burst rate
    • Image storage and Archiving
    • Camera Controls and Menus
    • Batteries

Who should attend

This beginner-level seminar is for those who are attending the Basic Photography class so they can maximize the use of their camera’s digital features.

For those who haven’t bought their digicam or who want to evaluate whether their present camera suits their need, they consider this seminar as an intelligent buyer’s guide.

What to bring

Bring your digital camera (if you already have one) with its user's manual.

About the Instructor

Jun Miranda has been in photography for 28 years and 17 of that as a commercial photographer. He has been teaching photography, particularly basic photography for the past 14 years.

He started his informal study in photography when he joined the Camera Club of the Philippines in 1985 where he garnered multiple awards. In 1995 he took up Basic Black & White Photography and Studio Photography at the Maine Photographic Workshop (now, Maine Media Workshops College) in Maine, USA. In 2017 he got accreditation as a TESDA NCII Photographer.

In recognition of his contribution in the field of photography in the Philippines, he became part of the prestigious Canon Ambassador (now called, Crusaders of Light) in 2010 for their EOS cameras and Pixma desktop printers.

His extensive academic and professional background in photography and digital imaging, coupled by his credential as a certified instructor—a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) in 2000—make him an excellent instructor in The Basics of Photography.

His classes at PCCI, in addition to The Basics of Photography, include: Black & White Photography, Digital Camera Fundamentals, Photo Editing and Management with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Portrait Retouching with Photoshop, Poster and Banner Making with Photoshop and Advanced Photoshop for Photographers.

Comments from participants

The speaker is very knowledgeable on the subject. The seminar was organized properly and suitable for the skills of the students.

– Jose Morales (Department of Foreign Affairs)

[The seminar] was quite comprehensive and enlightening.

– Bunnee Santos

The speaker was friendly, professional, and accommodating.

– Chester Ramilo

It’s very informative and Mr. Miranda is very knowledgeable.

– Fran Harry Ong Chiu (Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino)

The seminar is very informative and should be recommended for everyone who wants to learn photography.

– Nancy Ong (Optus Ventures Corporation)

I liked the lesson about white balance. I liked the speaker because he was really nice and professional.

– Billie Mauleon

Mr. Jun Miranda epitomizes the photographer — well-prepared and very knowledgeable.

– Frederick Ilon (Phil Plans)

The handouts were a big help for the students. The speaker is friendly and eager to answer students’ questions.

– Sherill David

The speaker was excellent.

– Jose Ma. Martin Cheng (Asiapro Cooperative)

I learned so much more about the fundamentals of digital cameras. This is enough for me to learn the basics — how to choose a good camera, what I should do before I take a picture, the do’s and dont’s for maintaining my camera, and so forth. And this is a very important stage before I go to the next level of learning basic photography.

Thank you for this kind of learning program…

– Joseph S. Carranza (Graphic Artist, Rex Books Store)

The speaker, was very knowledgeable… I really learned a lot in this seminar.

– Rianna Bengzon

The knowledge and experience of the instructor are very helpful and educational

– Rixenne Albano

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