Basic Photography

An Intensive Hands-on Workshop

Basic Photography

This intensive hands-on workshop covers all the fundamentals of photography and is a good starting point for those who want to pursue specialized photography, like wedding, advertising, studio portraiture, etc.

This course caters to all kinds of participants — from amateurs to professionals in the making — and will cover digital SLR or Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera and prosumer cameras. It will concentrate on basics of photography.

What will be covered

On the first day, you will spend the entire day listening to lectures, observing demonstrations, and participating in some hands-on activities. The second day will be devoted to actual shooting on location and evaluating the pictures you took. The first part of the third day will be spent evaluating the photos taken in the afternoon of the second day while remainder of the day will be spent on discussing the other topics not covered in the first day.

  • Definition of photography
  • Technical objectives of photography
  • Light (light source, types of light, quality of light, direction of light)
  • What is correct exposure and Exposure Triangle (ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed Controls)
  • Understanding depth of field, e.g., blurring backgrounds
  • How to capture motion, e.g., panning, freezing actions, etc.
  • Creative exposure: Exposure and Depth of Field or Motion
  • Focal Length and Focusing (Manual and Auto)
  • Developing your eye: Composition
  • Understanding Exposure, Automatic Exposure and Advanced Exposure Techniques
  • Filters and Hoods
  • White Balance - Color Correction Filters (color temperature of light, white balance settings in digicams, creative use of white balance)
  • Camera Flash (built-in flash vs. external flash)

Expected Outcome

By the end of this 3-day workshop, you will be able to:

  • discuss the importance of light to photography
  • discuss what is exposure and the procedure to achieve the correct exposure all the time
  • discuss concepts of depth of field
  • discuss how to emphasize and/or freeze motion
  • discuss the concept of creative exposure: combining exposure and depth of field or motion
  • discuss focal lengths of lenses and its effects on the photo
  • discuss how to achieve correct focusing and avoid camera shake
  • enumerate the different compositional techniques
  • apply the theory into practice
  • evaluate the photographs you have taken

Who will benefit from this workshop

This workshop is for serious photography hobbyists or anybody who is considering a career in photography. Even long time shooters who never had a formal training in photography will also greatly benefit from this workshop.

What to bring

  1. Camera The participant must have a digital SLR camera, a prosumer digital camera that has a manual exposure mode, a digital range finder camera, or a Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera. Participants should also bring their camera charger with power cord, fresh memory cards and user manual.
  2. Note: You can use any brand of camera. Our workshops are designed to help you become a better photographer, whatever your camera’s brand.

  3. Lens A wide-to-telephoto variable focal length lens is preferred, e.g., 18-55mm. You can also bring other kinds of lenses that you have as the workshop will give you an opportunity to use them during the hands-on exercises.
  4. Tripod You are also encouraged to bring to on the second day if you have an existing tripod.


To understand the digital features of a digital camera, e.g., resolution, compression, file formats, etc., participants are advised to attend the one-day Digital Camera Fundamentals seminar before taking this workshop.

About the Instructor

Jun Miranda has been in photography for 28 years and 17 of that as a commercial photographer. He has been teaching photography, particularly basic photography for the past 14 years.

He started his informal study in photography when he joined the Camera Club of the Philippines in 1985 where he garnered multiple awards. In 1995 he took up Basic Black & White Photography and Studio Photography at the Maine Photographic Workshop (now, Maine Media Workshops College) in Maine, USA. In 2017 he got accreditation as a TESDA NCII Photographer.

In recognition of his contribution in the field of photography in the Philippines, he became part of the prestigious Canon Ambassador (now called, Crusaders of Light) in 2010 for their EOS cameras and Pixma desktop printers.

His extensive academic and professional background in photography and digital imaging, coupled by his credential as a certified instructor—a CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) in 2000—make him an excellent instructor in The Basics of Photography.

His classes at PCCI, in addition to The Basics of Photography, include: Black & White Photography, Digital Camera Fundamentals, Photo Editing and Management with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, Portrait Retouching with Photoshop, Poster and Banner Making with Photoshop and Advanced Photoshop for Photographers.

Comments from participants

Very comprehensive. Very hands-on. Lots of chances to ask questions. Very practical. The exercises/practice gave me a great sense of satisfaction when I was able to achieve the effects I wanted and to create the photos I wanted.

– Robert Suntay (Carewell Community Foundation)

The depth of the syllabus was good. Very hands-on. Started from the basics so it was good for a beginner like me.

– Fiona Silva

It gave me whole new idea of taking pictures. Now I'm very comfortable with the features in my camera.

– Swarajya Laxmi Mishra

Well organized.

– Stephanie Laplante

The learning process is systematic; from theory to practical application, interactive and interesting.

– Charlton Seechung

Easy to understand, simplified but comprehensive. The field topics and photo-shoots included in the course were highly helpful in learning and applying the lessons learned.

– Heart Co

I really liked the fact that the lessons and procedures were very technical and hands-on. It really helped me a lot in learning the guidelines to be followed in photography. I do believe that you have to know the rules before breaking it.

– Joven Nunag

Very practical and insightful.

– Chris Marquez (E-Bid, Inc.)

Learning different points of view and tips from the instructor that improve my way of shooting and understanding my DSLR camera and photography skills that I need to develop.

– Tere De La Torre

[What I liked most about the course was] Tino [the instructor], and how quickly I learned from him.

– Tere De La Torre

This course was very informative. It really helped us develop our skills and creativity in photography. I highly recommend this class to everyone. Our instructor has delivered very well the course to us students, by teaching us the most creative, innovative techniques in photography. We are so grateful to be enrolled in this course. Thank you.

– Ma. Grazia Lee (BestMed Healthcare)

The combination of instructions, tips and experiences from the instructor made learning very practical and fun for all.

– Alvin Hawak

I liked the shoot at Greenbelt the best because from there we were able to apply what we learned from the lecture, and further improve on our mistakes made during the shoot.

– Cesca Wong

The lecturer was effective. He inspired me to go deeper into photography, not just as a hobby but possibly a future career.

– Anton Echauz (Calivea Holdings)

Professionalism of the instructor. Humor-related shown and appropriate techniques/alternatives shared by our instructor. Kudos Sir Jun Miranda!

– Anjo Agustin

Overall, I found the course just what I needed it to be — informative, educational and interesting enough for me to want to continue learning. T. (Teacher) Jun was excellent at his knowledge, and at the same time, patient and generous with our questions and mistakes. The opportunity to refresh again is tempting and welcome and the other courses on offer extensive and relevant. I would love to recommend the course and come back.

– Nimmi Malhotra

What I liked most were the hands-on exercises and how the instructor guided each one in the class to correctly undertake the procedure.

– Jose Morales (Department of Foreign Affairs)

The instructor was very good. The learning was very fruitful. The Center and classrooms are very comfortable and conducive to learning.

– Miguel Vecin (Digiprint)

This is the best way to learn photography! I’ve bought books on photography, but nothing beats someone explaining it to you. And the field trips really help you use what you learned!

– Ramon Quiros

The instructor is really good. I didn’t expect I would learn a lot in 3 days. Plus, for people like me with a short attention span, I didn’t get bored. I was very enthusiastic to go to class for the first time.

– Kate Lim

The instructor was very helpful and accommodating. Job well done! And you can tell that he’s an expert!

– Rovi Herrera

I liked that we could ask questions about anything relevant to us, and that we were given both parameters and freedom in shooting. I also like the many visual aids and after course assistance.

– Michelle Katigbak

The workshop was very informative and educational, at the same time very interesting. I surely enjoyed learning from Mr. Miranda and the field shoot was a lot of fun … The class was small and intimate. It allowed us more interaction with other students

– Earle Lim

It was truly effective. I have learned how to appreciate my digital camera more. Now, I really understand the basics.

– Karen Avecilla

I like the fact that it was kept small. It became more interactive and the instructor and the students had an easy time with each other.

– Migi Soriano

This was a great course that finally allowed me to learn to use my camera in manual mode. The teaching was excellent and of highest quality.

– Silvia Holschneider

I loved how this class is hands-on. It focused more on application than lectures. I also loved how much I've learned in so little time.

– Kristian Sy

The learning atmosphere was not formal or uptight. This gave me a very relaxed feeling while learning. The instructor is excellent! Very knowledgeable, at the same time approachable.

– Melissa Panganiban

It catered to both the naturally artistic and the non-artistic (like me!) to make the class more enjoyable.

– Clara Sibal

I learned quite a lot, and the course encouraged me to learn even more about this subject and other related stuff. Makes me want to take the photos of all the people I know.

– Sheila Bartolome

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