Creative Expressions

Advanced Wedding Photography & Image Editing

Advanced Wedding Photography

Photo: © Emir Bautista

Level 3 “Creative Expressions” uses technology as a tool to understand photography as an art form, the role in communications and its use as a visual language. Participant’s critical thinking, creativity, resource and time management skills learned in this course apply to other arts and to other career areas.

What will be covered

Day 1

Lessons in this unit will teach students how to create in camera effects and manual controls techniques of the digital camera.

  • Identifying locations ( site, shoot area, permits).
  • Listing of creative tools for actual shooting.
  • Appreciation of light. Creative light assistance.
  • Planning and preparation for the right time.
  • Setting up for the shoot.
  • Indoor Light Set-Up. Advance one light set up.
  • Advance posing.

Day 2

  • Shutter control creative output.
  • Aperture control creative design.
  • Base ISO advance applications and it’s limitations.
  • RAW images.
  • Light modifiers.
  • Outdoor 2-3 flash unit setup. LED + FLASH setup.
  • Variable sunsets (golden hour, blue hour to night photography classics).

Day 3

  • Mastering your own craft of editing.
  • Selecting the right colour palette for you signature style.
  • Photo detailing.
  • Photo analysis.
  • Gallery photo printing for exhibit.

Who should attend

This is for professional photographers who want to venture into wedding photography and create compelling and stunning images.


  • Basic to intermediate knowledge of photography.
  • Working knowledge in using Adobe Photoshop.

Presentation method

Class time is divided between instructor-led presentations, hands-on practice, and instructor-led critiques of the photos taken in class.

What to bring

Participants should bring their own digital SLR or Mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera and accessories.

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