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PCCI Institute of Photography is Asia's premier learning center for photographers. Whether you’re a beginner, an experienced amateur, or a pro, we have seminars and workshops designed to help you improve your photography. Learn from the pros and take your skills to the next level. Enroll now!

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What's New

Schedule of Classes Until July 2015

PCCI has released its schedule of classes up to July 2015.

Be sure to check out our new courses and workshops:

And back for the summer:

Course dates are subject to change so be sure to bookmark our calendar page.

New Course on Adobe Audition

This hands-on training course will introduce you to digital audio editing and mixing with Adobe Audition. You’ll learn the interface of Adobe Audition and how to work with audio files in your projects.

Discover the fundamentals of audio post production, import audio files, working and editing it, creating multitrack sessions, working with the multitrack mixer, and final mixdown.

Finally, you work with some sound design and Foley, together with cleaning and removing audio problems.

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Rental Studios Now Open Till Midnight

PCCI’s photography studios are now available for rent from 8am to midnight, Monday to Sunday (including most holidays).

Same low rates, same generous inclusions. And as always, PCCI alumni get discounted rates.

Click here for details.

1st Adobe Certified Instructors in Creative Cloud Apps

Two PCCI instructors recently updated their Adobe certifications, making them the country’s first and only Adobe Certified Instructors in Creative Cloud apps.

Mario Ramirez

Mario Ramirez—one of the most highly rated instructors at PCCI — is now an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) and Instructor (ACI) in Photoshop CC.

Mario now leads two Photoshop courses at PCCI:

Datu Arellano

Another longtime PCCI instructor Datu Arellano is now an Adobe Certfied Expert (ACE) and Instructor (ACI) in Dreamweaver CC.

Datu (who is also an award-winning Web designer) handles several courses at PCCI, including basic and advanced courses in Dreamweaver.

Congrats, Mario and Datu!

Citbank's PayLite Tuition Fee Promo

You can now use your Citibank credit card to "PayLite" on PCCI course fees.

For details, visit the website of Citibank Philippines.

Pro Shop Now Open

In partnership with Canon Marketing Philippines, Aperture Trading, JT Photoworld, and Ynzal Marketing, the PCCI Pro Shop sells items for photographers, videographers, and designers.

We offer discounted prices for PCCI students and alumni.

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Special Events

Apr 27-30, 2015Photoshop for Kids

Help your children learn the most popular and useful tool for graphic design, Adobe Photoshop.

In no time, your kids will be editing images, combining different photos into one, adding artistic effects to their creations, and much more.

The class will be taught by Adobe Certified Instructor, Mario Ramirez.

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May 8, 2015Introduction to Graphic Design

This one-day seminar is an introduction to Graphic Design and using Color in Design. The course encompasses creating designs for print, screen, and web use. Learn how to create effective designs combining images/objects and typography following basic rules for designers. Learn the basic rules of design and how to creatively break the rules.

This seminar will be led by author and international speaker, Ted Padova.

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May 8-10, 2015Inner Vision: A Photography Workshop by Tilak Hettige

Inner Vision is a photography workshop which enables you to learn the techniques of creating art-like images that touch the heart and soul of others. You will participate in numerous exercises to improve your creativity and be able to recognize when and where to look for artistic creations. The workshop will lead you to learn techniques of good composition, and use of fundamental visual blocks.

The workshop, led by international photographer Tilak Hettige, will be held at PCCI Photo Studios.

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May 9, 2015Introduction to Typography

This one-day seminar is an introduction to Typography. Layouts for print, screen and web all use two primary components — objects and type. You learn fundamentals of setting type, how to combine typefaces, rules for combining typefaces, and how to use type effectively to communicate dynamic messages.

We live in in a world where visuals are constantly viewed by everyone and the palette of the audience has become much more sophisticated in recent years. Learn what makes a layout a poor layout and learn how to create empowering and dynamic designs that communicate clear messages.

This seminar is led by author and international speaker, Ted Padova.

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May 11-12, 2015Creating Digital Magazines with Adobe Digital Publishing System

Adobe Digital Publishing System (DPS) is used by major magazines to create digital magazines that are viewed on tablets, cell phones, and computers. Digital Magazines are rich with media and interactivity that is assembled in Adobe InDesign using some interactive panels for creating slideshows, scrolling text windows, importing media, creating image sequences, panoramas, and QuickTime VR files.

The DPS system from Adobe is an expensive solution, however, artists and designers don’t need to purchase anything more than Adobe InDesign. Folio files are created in Adobe InDesign and handed off to the client who purchases the complete DPS solution and submits the final assembled folio file to Adobe Systems for publishing.

This course teaches you how to create and view digital magazines that can be assembled as a final product to hand over to a client.

This seminar is led by author and international speaker, Ted Padova.

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May 13-14, 2015Advanced Graphic Design

This 2-day seminar is an advanced course in graphic design, using the key applications for creating graphic design artwork: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign.

The course begins with a discussion on graphic design principles, typography, developing a type palette, using color and creating color harmonies. Assets are created in Illustrator and Photoshop, then imported into InDesign for layout and composition.

The instructor for this course is author and international speaker, Ted Padova.

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May 13-16, 2015Acting Workshop for Kids & Teens

Philmarts Advertising & Production Services, in cooperation with PCCI, presents Acting Workshop for Kids & Teens.

This acting workshop prepares adolescents for stage, screen, or the real world.

It makes them aware of visual cues and body language for effective communication.

It increases self-confidence in interpersonal relationships both onstage or off.

Students involved in producing and directing school plays can benefit, too, making them more effective at directing actors.

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May 22, 2015Discover Underwater Photography

At last, an underwater photography course for non-divers, beginners and pro-level photographers. This seminar-workshop, led by a Certified PADI Underwater Photography Instructor, will give you a gentle but immersive introduction to the world of underwater photography.

  • Explore what it takes to be an underwater photographer.
  • Understand the different kind of digital camera that can be used for underwater photography.
  • Experience how to use a point and shoot (P&S) camera underwater.
  • Understand the different underwater camera casing/housing, & know the difference between hard & soft camera casing/housing.
  • Understand the importance of good Basic Diving Skills as a primary tool to become a competent underwater (UW) photographer.

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June 19-21, 2015Inner Vision 2: Master Class

In his first class, Tilak Hettige allowed students to strip away the common roadblocks to creativity, among them, a preoccupation with equipment and technical processes, literal conformity with so-called "rules" of composition, and the temptation to clone the approaches and styles of other photographers.

In this, the Master Class, he takes graduates of the first class to the next level, in which students explore the innermost depths of their creative vision and develop an artistic style of their own.

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